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The Golden State.  Southern California is famed for its sunny weather and dramatic Pacific coastline. It's the most geographically diverse state in the US. From the beaches, to the hills, to the desert, enjoy the amazing weather, snow-capped mountains, hot springs, wine country, national parks, bubbling spas, theaters, night-life, 5-star restaurants, and site seeing galore.


Spectacular castles, city apartments, country manor houses and historic cottages. 
England, the birthplace of Shakespeare and the Beatles, has incredible landscapes, stunning coastline, Historical sites and cultural attractions to visit.  
Scotland is one of our very favorite countries – full of rich history and incredible landscapes, heritage, storytellers, loyalty, fierceness and strong but gentle pride. 

A city rich with culture and heritage, from the variety of architecture to the stunning sense of history that is celebrated and honored in the many museums, arts, entertainment and historical buildings. We offer self-catering London apartments and homes, as well as serviced flats, which are a fantastic compromise between an apartment and renting a hotel while on holiday or traveling for business.  


Paris apartments and French chateaus. France - with countless restaurants, picturesque villages and world-famous gastronomy. The country's geographical diversity with its long coastlines, massive mountain ranges and breathtaking farmland vistas make for an unforgettable experience.  Follow the trail of great writers, artists, and philosophers, or immerse yourself in the beautiful language. 


Between the refurbished castles, luxury manor houses, vast rolling estates, thatched farmhouses and been-in-the-family-for-generations cottages, there is no shortage of interesting, well-situated, charming and all around delightful accommodations across this beautiful island.  Breathtaking landscapes, rugged coastal scenery, outdoor activities and the welcoming friendly people.  


Italy: Yes, the food is as good as they say it is. Yes, the art is a spectacular as you can imagine. And the driving as crazy (but still reasoned and navigable, if you pay attention). But nothing will prepare you for the beauty and the history and the many layers of evidence, of the centuries of life lived in so many fleeting moments of “La Dolce Vita.”

We have visited nearly every property on our site and have chosen the most unique, convenient, luxury, and all around smartest flats, homes, villas and castles for your holiday pleasure.